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           All Woodcraft creations have been hand-crafted by the artist Gary Davis.

"I moved to the Haute Vienne in 2019 from Cambridgeshire, where I was chairman of the Ely Art Society, to retire and pursue my creative interests. I began woodturning in 2020 when a chance meeting at Limoges airport led to the opportunity to purchase my own second-hand lathe. I had been working with wood for years, so this was a natural progression. I love to work with natural materials, and I have always been an active environmental campaigner, so wherever possible I use recycled materials or wood that has been harvested using sustainable methods such as pollarding and coppicing. Much of my work is made from oak and ash trees on our own land. As well as woodturning, I also paint, sculpt and work in silver. I have been a passionate photographer since I left school"

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of the products listed below.

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