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          Joanna Hedley Blaylock is an international architectural glass artist with an extensive body of work alongside numerous private collaborative and public commissions.  Her varied subject matter and approaches can be seen in many houses, schools, and community and municipal buildings, mansions chapels, and parish churches, in many different locations.

  She began her training in all the traditional skills of stained glass making in Boston USA and completed her BA Hons degree on her return to England, she further extended her knowledge of glass and was awarded her MA having won a place in the highly regarded course of Sunderland University, in an area that is reputed to be the birthplace of European stained glass.

  She elegantly fuses ancient techniques with her individual and powerfully charged contemporary abstract style and enjoys translating a drawn image into the glass, using paint stains and sandblasting to create areas where the light will play and dance with texture.

They are all for sale so please feel free to message if you are interested.

Glass Art 

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