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This has come about because of a proposal put to us by a local art historian and collector based in Montmorillon.  Eric Joubert’s family, the Joubert/Emmanuel family actually owned Chateau Mareuil and ran it as a working farm for about 100 years from 1900 to 2000 and his uncle, Geraint Emmanuel, was an artist.  Eric owns a significant art collection and plans to start selling some and asked if we might be interested in exhibiting some works here at the chateau.  It was from there that the idea of the Chateau Brocante was born, this collection of artwork, we have named “The Joubert Collection” .We have now developed the theme and have developed our own small range of merchandise and bought-in stock



We have developed relationships with other artists and artisans, namely:

Gary Davis – Wood Turner

Janette Tindale – Upholsterer

Joanna Hedley – Glass Artist

John Nash – Photographer

Sally Annett  - Artist

We will also be selling a range of brocante and tasteful good quality secondhand/pre-loved items.

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